About me

Daniela Copădineanu discovered her passion for crafting jewelry in 2014, the same year when she launched the DACO Jewelry brand.

Her work reflects a variety of influences and obsessions, exploring the sentimental side of jewelry.

When creating contemporary jewelry, she uses traditional crafting techniques to create artisanal pieces inspired by urban culture. She works with materials which are known for their beauty – silver, gold, rubies, sapphires, pearls and other. The materials are carefully chosen, their durability, quality and origin being an important aspect in her creation.

The jewelry she creates have three essential qualities: simplicity, proportions and beauty.

Using simple shapes, classical proportions and beautiful materials, she transposes her ideas into unique models, creating jewelries which tell a story with which the wearer can identify him/herself.


„I wish to create jewelry which expresses a feeling of freedom. I long for a world where people can be free of prejudices and restrictive standards, a world where courage, trust and individual personality come first.

My inspiration comes from elements which already exist everywhere around us. From structures and architectural shapes, to feelings or states of mind, all of those are brought to life in the jewelry I create.

My hope is that when you will wear a piece of jewelry created by me, you will enjoy it as much as I did during its beautiful creation process.”

Semnatura Daniela Copadineanu